Steering Committee

Mark Appleton

Director, Internet Evangelism, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

David Bowden

Founder and President, Spoken Gospel

Laurel Bunker

Associate Vice President of Christian Formation and Church Relations, Bethel University

Brian Chung

Co-Founder, Alabaster Co

Tara-Leigh Cobble

President and Founder, D-Group and Host, Bible Recap

Justin Giboney

President and Executive Director, The And (&) Campaign

Dave Gibson

National Coordinator, USA Office, Go2020, Grace Church

Nick Hall

Founder and Chief Communicator, Pulse / The Table Coalition

Mark Hanson

President, Seafoam Sales Company

Sam Harrell

Director, Year of the Bible, The Table Coalition / American Bible Society

Deena Kvasnik

Senior Director of Events and Donor Relations, Pulse

Loren La Luz

Vice Director, Finance, Streetlights

Nicole Martin

Executive Director of Trauma Healing, American Bible Society

Josh Mathew

Bible Engagement Advocate, World Evangelical Alliance

Grace Mathewgr

Managing Director, Stetson Family Office

Michael McAfee

Director of Faith Outreach, Museum of the Bible

Lauren McAfee

Project Manager, Hobby Lobby

Mike McDonald

Director of Strategic Relationships, The Bible Project

Seth Millicans

Executive Director, Georgia Transportation Alliance

R. York Moorey

National Evangelist / Executive Director, Catalytic Partnerships, InterVarsity USA

Vince Parkervin

Central Ministry Leader, Switch

Arthur Satterwhite

Vice President, Multiethnic Ministries, Young Life

Esteban Shedd

Executive Director, Creative Director, Teacher, Streetlights

Ebony Smalle

Vice President of Multiplication, Pulse

Paul Sohnp

Founder and CEO, Qara

Justin Tennisonj

President, Pulse

Sam Tran

Director, The Grace and Mercy Foundation

Bryant Underwood

Director, Together 2020

Joseph Williams

Founding Partner, The Peaceful Group

Zachary Windahlz

Author, The Bible Study

Bryan Ye-Chung

Co-Founder, Alabaster Co

Year of the Bible is a global initiative made possible by thousands of ministries and churches joining hands and standing together. As a partner, you take part in elevating God’s Word in our churches, workplaces, and nation. Partners will also receive exclusive resources and benefits, as well as being among the first to receive updates on this campaign.

Abundant Life Ministries

Acts 29 Focus


America Prays

American Bible Society

Antioch Church

Awaken Movement

Awaken the Dawn


Bethel Gospel Assembly

Bible League

Border Perspective

Bridge the Coastb

Campus Faith Clubs

Campus Ministry Linkc

Campus Renewalc

Collegiate Day of Prayer

Common Sense Reborn

Chi Alpha

Christ The King

Companion in Christ of Pennsylvania

Comunidad Biblica Internacional

Circuit Ridersc



City Service Mission

David's Tent

DC Dream Center



Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers

Iglesia Evangelica Comunidad Biblica Internacional

Grove Youth

Harbingers of Truth Christian Church

Heartfelt Ministries

Hey Papi Promotions

Him for Her

His Favor

Hope Church


Jose Zayas Evangelism

Kingdom Church

Kingdom Liberty


Know Ministries

Lakewood Student Ministries

Life Branch

Lion's Roar

Luis Palau Association

Major Chords

March for Jesus

National Day of Prayer

Next Generation Alliance

New Beginning Assembly of God

Nicholson Christian Church

Old Catholic Apostolic Church


Promise Keepers

Pure Love Life Ministry

Revista Cristiana Salluz


Ride Nature

School Clubs for Christ

Seeds of Love


Suburban Wood Baptist Church

Tabernacle Baptist Church of Maissade

The Blue Line Angels

The Gideons International

The Joshua Commission

The Salvation Army

The Table Coalition

To The Onet

Tuguegarao Foursquare Church




Wycliffe Bible Translators

Y2 Believe

Youth America

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